The Secret Message of Jesus

14 May

My blogging has been a bit erratic recently. Part of this has been due to starting a new blog for the use of youth small group. Me and one of the other leaders have been using it to post daily devotionals for the young people to read and engage with. We have committed to trial it for a while and see what happens. I’ll see how it goes, it may be short lived thing but we’ll see.

I finished ‘The Secret Message of Jesus’ the other day and have been meaning to post about it for a while. The book is in 3 parts

Excavation: Digging beneath the surface to uncover Jesus’ message

Engagement: Grappling with the meaning of Jesus’ message

Imagination: Exploring how Jesus’ secret message could change everything.

For me the first part was going over a lot of stuff that I knew and seemed to be Brian prefacing a lot of what was to come. I was glad that I carried on though because part 2 and 3 were a wonderful and massively helpful account I feel of Brian drawing together a number of things which he has been exploring and thinking through in some of his other books.

The focus is the Kingdom of God and there is a part when he explores what type of language Jesus may have used today. He points to the fact we don’t really understand the term kingdom as Jesus would have used it as kingdom and monarchy are so different and are really now devoid of any real power.

He says perhaps we could think of the kingdom of God in a few different ways today, these are the images that I found most helpful:

Dream of God, Revolution of God, Mission of God, Party of God.

There were many higlights in this book for me including this quote:

“I think that the best glimpses of the kingdom of God come to us unexpectadly in everyday life – and the sermons we hear (or books we read) help us keep our eyes open so that when those moments come, we don’t sleepwalk through them.”


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