Isle of Wight Mosaic

29 May

Had a great time away and we had stunning weather which we were not expecting. Visited any of the Isle of Wight’s normal visitor destinations but also had some time to do a bit of running and also to do some reading. My temperamental sleep condition kicks in so I had a few nice early-ish mornings to run, shower, drink coffee in the garden and read before Jo surfaced.

I managed to finish off Andy Flannagan and Anne Calver’s book 12 disciples which charts the spiritual journeys of 12 young people and is interspersed with a commentary on the life of Simon Peter. Nice little read, one of those ones which just gives you that reassurance once in a while that what we do is important and about not seeing the fruits of a labour.


The second was N T Wrights thin book Biblical Reflections on Discipleship. My normal adage is that if  Bishop Wight writes under Tom Wright it should be very accessible and if under N T Wright I might need to have my dictionary sitting alongside me. I was wrong however in this case. The book is simply wonderful, it’s simple and easy to read without being simplistic. Within the 90 something pages Bishop Wright in his usual highly informative and stimulating way gives broad overviews of the books of Colossians, Matthew, Mark, Hebrews and Revelations which I found very helpful. I would love the ability to summarise like this and I have tried to focus in my youth work recently about trying to do this bigger picture stuff. He then heads on to give short insights into a number of subjects including temptation, hell, heaven and power. Highly recommend this one.


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