12 Jun

I’ve become big on the idea of seasons of life and trying to work out when God is leading me into new ones. I guess these things can be seen on a macro level ie job changes, a career path change etc or on a more micro level, really busy times, new challenges, restful times, times of deep learning. Sometimes these are linked to the calendar seasons. I’m a summer person (always have been) but I’m learning to appreciate winter and all that brings. I guess I have a tendancy to busy myself during the winter and the summer just has a different feel to it.

I have recently come out of what was a really busy season into a more reflective time of planning and reflecting. I like these changes in life and try not to worry about not being constantly rushed and having to produce (it’s not good for my soul). I worry about people who try and fill every waking minute, there is a time when this happens but there must (i think) be time for quiet and re-creating ourselves during normal life (not just a few weeks a year when we have holiday).

I’m not sure what purpose this post has apart from trying to help me understand this stuff more and probably more than a small amount not to worry about my current season of life. I think this is perhaps in prep for the huge changes that will take place in the summer when baby arrives (2 months today) and with some of our youthwork developments for the new academic year.


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