A very strange night

25 Jun

I run the risk of sounding incredibly sad telling this story but it was genuinely an unexpected and strange evening.

Last week, I was invited along to a fundraising and vision night for Nooma. The ticket came via a friend of a friend. It was an event that I nearly didn’t go to as I was feeling pretty whacked. We turned up (my mate Nick and me) expecting to be a room full of people instead we were directed towards a tiny screening room in a very posh hotel on The Strand, London. It turned out that we were at a very small (about 25 people) select event with a number of very wealthy businessmen. We were presented with the vision for the future of Nooma and Rob Bell did a Q&A. the vision for being at the forefront of new forms of media was exciting and encouraging.

We were led from there into what we thought (we were misled by our ticket) was to be a buffet but ended up being a rather swanky 4 course meal. We found our way to a table (being the first in) and kept a bit out of the way, but funally enough Rob came to sit with us and we had a cracking meal (well the food wasn’t actually that good) talking all kinds of subjects with Rob and his wife Kristen. There was some theology talk upon our table but I kept really quiet until we turned to music when we all had a great chat. Rob was a really nice guy, excellent company and unbelievably humble which was I was so relieved about. He has generally good taste in music (although I did have to pick him up for liking Keane). All in all a weird night. Photo below shows some of the free stuff we were given with my favourite freeby, Nooma coloured bubble gum.



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