Express Yourself

5 Jul

As I mentioned a few days ago we started a blog a few months back called Explore Online. The idea came from a conversation between me and one of our other youth workers. We were trying to think of ways in which we could encourage young people in their relationship and exploration of God throughout the week. There are obviously loads of different bible reading notes on the market, good, bad and ugly (and prob pretty). Some in our group find these helpful, but many would not access these.

We started as a trial and it has proved popular. Many don’t read daily but do log on occasionally. For some who are less frequent or have less access to the net I do a paper copy each week of the last weeks thoughts. Although I will never know how much these are used or the site is used it has had some other benefits which to me have been exciting.

I have asked a few different people recently to write a thought on the blog, this has been interesting. For me I am not good at articulating myself verbally if I haven’t had a chance to think through a subject beforehand. In youth work I would imagine many of us use group discussions, group feedback etc etc. What I have noticed through the blog is that giving some people the space to think about, chew over and then write a thought leads to very interesting and at times profound insights into their faith journey and their understanding of the bible.

Each Thurs morning I lead an early morning prayer time where a small group of us gather to pray for our youth work and the wider church family. Each week I lead a little thought, sometimes a biblical passage, sometimes something from a book I’m reading. The last few weeks I have read out the thought from one of our young people, the encouragement that sharing these thoughts together has been to the group has been great to see.


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