A Family

17 Sep

As i have posted about in the past i like many others am on a journey of trying to work out how the whole youth ministry/work stuff works out within the call the be a church of all ages. Mark Yac called youth ministry ‘a band aid for a much bigger problem’ refering to our approach to church.

Anyway this weekend i was pleased to glimpse a few things which made my soul smile and just think this is how things should be.

On sat we had a church open day as we continue to celebrate our centenary in Winchmore Hill. We put on a day that just involved inviting all our neighbours and local community in to have a look at our history display, for food and drink, a bouncy castle, art and crafts etc etc. We made everything free because we just wanted to bless people. It was great to see so many people come in and chat and look around and just enjoying themselves.

On sunday we had a communion service in the morning in which the teenagers who i work with were invited back into the service to share in communion as a family (i know for some traditions this is common practice but for us it’s new, please bear with us). The response from so many adults of whom some were moved to tears by the group trapsing back into the service and sharing in the body and blood of Jesus.

Following the service i was approached by one lady who told me that she was so upset that she is going to miss the baptisms of 2 of our young people in a couple of week time. As we talked further i found out that she had been praying for one of these young people everyday for the last year. What i did at the start of last year and have done at the start of this year is to get the young people to make a card containing a photo with some prayer requests and hopes for the year on it (I stole this from Contemplative Youth Ministry). These cards are then given out to people on our church prayer team who take them away and pray for the person. The lady in question said to me that she had prayed everyday, she had a beautiful honesty as she said that she never new of any affects of her prayers but had just been so blessed about hearing about the forthcoming baptism.

I love stuff like this, it makes me smile and think it must make Jesus smile to.


One Response to “A Family”

  1. charlotte September 29, 2007 at 10:22 pm #


    i dnt know u ?? well personally, but i do go to Nflame. Just wanted to comment and say how this story bout a woman in ur church praying for this one person and everything was v moving.

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