Exploding Sausages

21 Sep

This morning was a bad morning. I love cooking and have recently perfected a lovely mushroom and pepper rossotto. This evening i am working at our youth club and wont be home til late so i thought i’d cook up something that could be heated up upon my return.

A sausage casserole seemed to be a good option but it turns out it’s not. I had some lovely Toulouse sausages and decided to fry them off a little bit before adding to my veg. Well it was all going fine until i decided to add a slash of red wine (just for a bit of flavour). What happened next i wasn’t prepared for as one of the sausages instantly exploded covering me, our lovely cream kitchen walls our white ceiling and basically anything else within a 3 metre radius with red wine! Not good.


One Response to “Exploding Sausages”

  1. caiti September 23, 2007 at 5:02 pm #

    From john

    Tip: how to get rid of red wine stains – slosh white wine all over it!!!

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