1 Oct

1) Baptisms yesterday were great, lovely informal feel to the service although i did have do chop down my talk massively as time was really getting on. A huge privilage to be part of the 2 yp’s journeys do far.

2)I set up another pew labyrinth yesterday afternoon/eve. This one was for all ages and we had and good turnout during the time it was open and with a very wide age range of people taking part as well.

3) I have just added asbojesus to my google reader as it is brilliantly creative and i have dipped in and out of it for a while now.

4) I’m not feeling massively well at the mo.

5) I’m going away for a long weekend on Friday, yay


One Response to “News”

  1. jonbirch October 5, 2007 at 3:36 am #

    thanks! 🙂

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