The death of silence

15 Oct

I was meeting with some friends today, we were starting our week as we often do with prayer, worship and teaching. Those of us gathered are from a whole multitude of church backgrounds and denominations. Today we were asked to start with a period of silence, it was interesting to see the reaction as this is something that this group don’t do together often. In the end the time wasn’t silent at all it was filled with a couple of guitars tinkling in the background. Personally i find it annoying and distracting but that’s just me

It got me thinking again about silence, real silence. Why do people find it so intimidating? So scary, so intrusive?

There is something about how you can looks at someones eyes and see deep into their soul, their feeling, their being. I was thinking that there is something about silence that lays our soul open, something deeply spiritual, something honest and open, no escape.

Perhaps that’s why i’ve got the radio on now


One Response to “The death of silence”

  1. John October 18, 2007 at 9:10 pm #

    I like the bit about guitars tinkling in the background… very annoying. I understand that, unless of course you’re the one tinkling!

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