Proclaiming The Scandal of The Cross

25 Oct

On my retreat day yesterday i finished this wonderful book. Written as a follow up the Recovering The Scandal of The Cross the author seeks to gather a number of peoples creative ways to illustrate a wide range of pictures of the atonement. The first book left me thinking yes i agree we need to emphasise these different atonement theories/pictures but i don’t have the elequence to start to do this. Well if you find yourself in this place then this book is for you. It’s given me so many new ideas and i might even brave a series with young people around the atonement picking up on some of the imagery.


One Response to “Proclaiming The Scandal of The Cross”

  1. Mark Baker December 3, 2007 at 7:08 pm #

    I hope you do brave a series around the atonement borrowing and adapting from the book and also developing your own images. Your comment is very encouraging. One of the main reasons I took on this project after our first book was because of hearing people respond similarly to the way you did. So it is great to see that, at least in your case, the second book achieved its goal.


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