Brat Camp

1 Nov

Yes it’s back, with so much inane tv now around (celebrity scissor hands, what!!) it is good to have something of some interest in.

Ok so the new series focussing on mums and daughters i don’t think has been quite as good as previous series’ but i still find it fascinating on a number of levels. This one isn’t quite as hard core as my favourite brat camp ‘Turnabout Ranch’ with real cowboys running it, this one has some slightly weird Native American rituals involved but still has a good focus upon lots of rites of passage stuff.

My thoughts are:

How the cut of the prog goes from focus upon the out of control young people and the despairing parents to often ending with looking at many of the issues of the parents.

How silence and solitude has an immense affect upon these people – silence really does seem to be a window to the soul.

The wilderness element and the focus on creation is normally the bit they say has impacted them the most and the part they will miss when they leave.

Of course most of this doesn’t happen for a good few weeks.


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