Open to Closed

9 Nov

Tonight we have our youth club which i will be starting to set up for soon. The journey of this club has been interesting. It was set up a 2 and half years ago as an open youth club starting to help us a  church build links and to support our community which had little youth provision.

The first year and half things were slow but the last year things have taken off massively with loads of young people coming along each week bringing along new friends on a weekly basis. Well it’s come to the point where we have reached our capacity in terms of space that we have and leaders that we have to help out. It’s been a weird situation for me where now i have decided to close our doors to new people. We have effectively decided to move from an open youth club to a closed membership system.

It’s a shame to have to do this in some ways but is really the only sensible decision to take. This will hopefully give me and the rest of the team the time and space to focus upon these members and to really be present to them rather than the policing that can take over in large groups.


One Response to “Open to Closed”

  1. claire November 12, 2007 at 11:35 am #

    That’s a really interesting decision you’ve taken. We’re in a similar situation with a group which sounds like it’s the same sort of set up. Some evenings it is definitely more policing than anything else. However we’ve approached it by doing some small group opportunities coming out of the Thursday evening group … I’ll be interested in seeing how it develops for you 🙂

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