Beyond the walls

15 Jan

It was good Sunday to take a group of young people out of the church building and getting them thinking some more about blessing our community and loving our neighbours. The idea was to give them something very practical to do in small groups whilst helping them to think through how we can pray for our neighbours.

we had 3 groups

1) Went out and prayed for local schools and on their way back stopped at the supermarket to put back peoples trolleys when the had finished loading their cars.

2) Went out to pray for some of our local churches and on their walk they posted little cards through doors for people to fill in asking if there are any prayer requests.

3) Prayed at local train station for the busyness of people in our world and then left a book about God in a public place with some instructions in the front encouraging the finder the read it and then leave it somewhere for someone else.

3 random acts of kindness, 3 small things, 3 tiny things that we hope God will use.


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