Why do people go to church?

13 Feb


Was asked by a young person to respond to this question that a friend of theirs asked. I told them firstly to tell their friend why they went and followed it up with this reply.

How many people ask this question or are grappling with it?


Feel free to pass onto your friend or do what you want with (including deleting, editing or throwing in the bin)

Why do people go to church?

I guess if you ask different people you will get a range of answers.

– because my parents make me

– because I think I should

– because I want to find out more about God

– because I’m looking for meaning in my life and I’m searching for something

– because I’ve always done it

– to worship God

For me I think about the question a bit differently and I hope this makes sense.

I don’t go to Church, let me explain. I think about church being when I get together with others who want to talk through and discuss the deeper questions of life, death, faith, God, the Universe.

Often people think about church as a place of worship, a thing that you attend, whereas I think about it as something you are. When I meet with others to worship, discuss, pray, care for people then we are church.

We don’t go to church, We ARE church!

Church should be a place where people with questions, problems, struggles, hurts, feel welcome and that doesn’t always mean a sunday morning (but often does for a lot of us).

The bible talks about The Church being a body, Jesus’ body. It is made up of all types of people and it is supposed to be Jesus to the people around. So when some of you guys go and visit the old people at the retirement home and talk with them, care for them and love them you are literally being Jesus to them. In the same way when you helped out with holiday club for little kids and you prayed for them, hung out with them, helped them to enjoy themselves you were showing them Jesus.

Church is God’s people coming together as a family where all are included no matter how they feel or the doubts they may have. It a place to work through some of that stuff.

We’re not always good at being Church, but hey we’re human and we’re trying.

Sorry went off on one a bit. Hope that helps”

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2 Responses to “Why do people go to church?”

  1. chase September 9, 2008 at 4:09 pm #

    This really helped me with my GCSE R.E. Homework. Thankyou. 🙂

  2. emmasaurus January 11, 2010 at 8:43 pm #

    I think you are right. We are the church. If you take the Cs and Hs out of church you get u r which means you are the church!

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