18 Mar

I’m currently working with a group of young people who I have been finding it really hard to engage with on any level. I’m working with a structure that at times conflicts with ‘the way I would do things’ but I am pleased to be invited along each week and hopefully can be of some use. Anyway the point of the post is that I had a minor breakthrough last night after weeks of trying to make any headway.
I am given 20 mins basically to teach, lead discussion or do anything I want really around the Christian faith. In my infinite wisdom and due to lack of inspiration and general fedupness I decided to re-use a course that I have taught previously that does a big overview in the bible in 8 weeks. To be frank last weeks creation session was a bit of a nightmare, and I wasn’t looking forward to this weeks ‘Vandalism’. What follows is my interpretation of the human condition and misuse of human rule of the world. You may also view this as terrible youth work practice but I can live with that.
I told the group that God gave the Earth to humankind as a present. I then gave them all a sheet of paper and pen and told them that I like presents and that their job in the next 5 mins was to draw or make me something that they thought I would like. Each presented my with a variety of things from paper airplanes, to a picture of the bible, to a picture of a baby. They laid them out on a table at which point I got out the biggest paintbrush I could find and sloshed black paint all over them followed by the question how do you feel? And how does God feel about the way we have treated the earth. I then showed them this little video our minister Andy and I made a while back. For nearly the first time I had their attention. I don’t post this because I’m amazingly creative or anything like that but because although it’s sometimes hard to believe there are small breakthroughs even during the times you feel most disheartened.


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