Spring Harvest 1

11 Apr

Back in the saddle after arriving back from Spring Harvest yesterday and have back to back meetings pretty much all day. No internet access at SH apart from a very expensive internet cafe. I did however write a few blog posts/journal entries so will post them over the next little while. So here is the first

Sunday 6 April 2008
No wifi here at Skegness Spring Harvest. I have decided to give the evening meetings a miss tonight and to catch a bit of space and time to read and write. I’m not trying to be purposely awkward or antagonistic towards the whole big meeting thing but tonight I thought this time would give me the quiet I long for. Sitting having a drink in the main skyline area it really feels like the calm before the storm as everyone else apart from a few other stragglers or heathens mill about before all the big sessions end and everyone descends upon this area.
To prove that I’m not miserable I have to say that I did go to hear the first of the bible studies this morning with Bishop Pete Broadbent leading on Isaiah 52/53. He did a good job of setting the scene for this somewhat complex book. He was obviously doing the setting the theme up for the week with the introduction to eschatology and his assertion of having to read back into this passage in Isaiah around the suffering servant that in is/was a metaphor for both Jesus and Israel. He flagged up a few of the hot potato atonement debate basically saying that we all have to admit that primarily the bible doesn’t deal with exact mechanics but is instead more concerned with the affect. He used his language very carefully around the eschatology stuff and wasn’t too controversial on this day. It feels in some ways like things are the building blocks to what Tom Wright will say when he speaks tomorrow evening (which i will be attending).
For me this week is about trying to serve others. Both the young people in my chalet as well as Jo and our other mates. I am aware that I have so much time to be in and at these kind of meetings (probably too much) and actually if I can free them up and helpfully discuss things with them it is probably a good thing for me to do (and hopefully I’m not making it sound like i’ve got everything sorted just that is what i feel i should do this week). For me it’s been nice to chillax (the new youth phrase), do some cooking for our chalet and look after Matthew.
To fit in with the theme of this week my plan is to try and read C S Lewis’ ‘The Great Divorce’ which I’ve not managed to do to date.


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