Spring Harvest 2

14 Apr

Monday 7th April 2008
Today was my day for going to lots of things. As I write I’m awaiting our small group of young people to return from whatever band they have been along to tonight. I’m feeling pretty exhausted, the early morning runs are hitting me, also the nights here are later than normal for me and the mornings are much the same.
Today I spent most of my day at the different things Tom Wright was speaking at. The highlight was probably his session running creation into new creation. Much of what was said was covered in ‘Surprised by Hope’ and it was hard to get too much of a feel for how his ‘Big Top’ evening celebration talk went down. The basic premise was basically about not being able to separate the cross from the rest of Jesus’ life. As he also so often does he challenged people upon their reading of Paul. He finished off later tonight with a Q&A with wide ranging questions from 144,000 people of heaven, to literal hell all of which were dealt with well by Bishop Wright and Dotha Blackwood.
It was good to hear much reaffirmed and re-stimulated. i have to admit to getting to that stage of being conferenced out, I have a tolerance for talking about stuff in a bubble.


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