Breakfast Anyone

12 Jun

Thursday mornings are always an early start for me as we have a 7am time of prayer at church where a small group of us gather. It’s always a good time and I feel supported and lifted by these people who pray for the young people and for me each week.
The early start does however mean much coffee is consumed however this pails into insignificance after the breakfast that i saw one school child buying this morning in the supermarket on their way to school. It included a can of 7up, skittles (sweets), a pastry and a large bag of crisps. Actually as i sit here writing in the coffee shop attached to the supermarket further students have walked by scoffing doughnuts. All i can say is that I’m glad I’m not their teachers this morning.
I wonder how much of a role diet plays in some of the behavioural issues that we find in schools?
On a similar track I was meeting with a young lad yesterday who just looked so tired. I asked him about this and he said he hadn’t gone to bed until 1 because he was watching TV. Firstly why? Secondly what? Another young person yesterday told me they had been up to a similar time on their phone.
How do we help young people think through this stuff or is it solely the role for a parent. I am convince that TV/internet is not a good thing for young people to have in their own rooms for a number of reasons (although I do except that i work with young people who are very disciplined and strict in terms of the restrictions that they place upon themselves, although they are mostly older).
We’ve got a few years before we will face these issues with Matthew and I would imagine it will have all moved on a be something different by then.
Do people have boundaries or ideas to deal with these kind of issues that they enforce?


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