Praying “the” Prayer!

26 Jun

Without praying the prayer how do you know if your saved was the basic premise from a conversation I had today with someone who i have a huge amount of respect for. She was shocked at my lack at ability to name time and date.

Are we more interested in conversions or transformations I wondered!


One Response to “Praying “the” Prayer!”

  1. jovial_cynic June 27, 2008 at 9:45 pm #

    It’s interesting to me that nobody in the scriptures prays the prayer. Nobody seems to make the choice. God simply initiates relationship, either for good (God says hello to Abraham) or for ill (God says goodbye to Pharaoh).

    I don’t believe that relationship has much to do an incantation or a piece of paper. I loved my wife long before I said “I do.”

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