How does it feel?

3 Jul

I used this song by Andy Flannagan with a group this week. I borrowed this idea from his book ‘Distinctive Worship’, we listen to the song and then I asked the group to look at the chorus (in italics). I then asked the group to write as though they were Jesus what he might have been thinking as he suffered on the cross. After the song there are some of the things that the group wrote. It was an amazing time.

I kneel in wonder then fall on my face
As my maker hangs before me
Created hands strike nails in today
My human sin, his divine tears

Your eyes watch over the whole of the earth
Yet I feel your gaze upon me
Your storms of love sweep cities away
Yet my soul can sense your spirit’s breeze

How does it feel
To be ruler of all and then subject to evil
How does it feel
To be strung up for all to see

Will you teach me how I can follow this way
How a love so large could fill me
I get my life to give it away
To live is Christ, but to die is gain

“If only they knew what they were doing. Thank you father that there is overwhelming joy to come from this. What would have happened if the authorities had accepted me.”

“Look at them, they, those you made, those who treated me like a king now like a common criminal. Your will is being done, I was put on the earth to serve, and here i am, serving you.”

“Help me father, where are you father? I’m hurting bad, I’m feeling rejected, by them and by you. How can this be? I’m doing this for you and for them. Help me. Save me. Come to me. Make it end.”

“I know what you are doing is wrong, but I know I will still love you, no more, no less but the same as the rest of my sons and daughters. I’m doing this for everyone.”

“I feel let down by the people who were created by me, and are now killing me. I understand that many of them don’t know what they are doing, but why not?”

“I feel alone, I feel like I have been betrayed. I feel this is the only way to forgive.”

“My people, I forgive you and love you and always will.”

“Forgive them! It’s for the good of mankind! When will it end?”


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