Facing the Truth

1 Sep

Facing the Truth – Eddie Askew (from Many Voices, ONE VOICE)

Lord, love can hurt!

I feel the pain which Peter felt

as he heard your question.

“Do you love me?”

But, Lord, you know it. You can see it.

Here I am giving time, now, to reading and prayer.

Every day. Well, whenever I can.

Sorry about yesterday, there was just so much to do.

It seems unfair of you to ask, Lord.

Of course I love you.

Look at all the work I do.

So busy, running hot with righteous sweat,

as I dash from one commitment to the next.

And still you ask.

Lord, what do you want?

I plan and work and organise.

My spiritual cheque book stubs can prove it all.

I give my time, my mind, my energy.

And in the evening, home at last,

collapsing in my easy chair,

I know I’ve done a lot for you.

I can’t do more to prove I’m yours.

My love? But it’s all there, Lord

I’m trying to show you…

Lord, help me to make a quiet place, a space

where you and I can meet at peace.

Where I can sit and wait and listen.

A calm where loving eyes can meet and interlock.

Not frantic in haste, a brief handwave from passing cars.

But in the slow contentment of two friends together.

Maybe no need even to speak the words “I love you.”

You know I love you. Because I give you time.

And then, Lord, when I plunge back into the busyness

it looks different.

Because I don’t need to prove I love you.

And I can do it with the joy

that comes from having been with you.


One Response to “Facing the Truth”

  1. claire September 12, 2008 at 5:30 pm #

    That’s beautiful and challenging all at the same time! Thank you

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