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25 Nov

Amongst the many things that I’m not good at is getting around to writing updates for our church mag on all things youth work wise. Well yesterday I actually got around and forced myself to and by the end I was again reminded of the privilage of working with such a special group of young people and the ways in which God has been at work over the past years. Below are a couple of extracts from what I wrote.

“It has also been good to see the continuation of cross generational links being built up between adults and young people in our church through our mentoring programme. It’s one of those unseen things really but I’m always excited when I bump into young people and adults spending time chatting, drinking hot chocolate or playing golf amongst many other things. These are the relationships that I hope all the people will treasure for many years to come. Whilst talking about cross generational relationships we still have a good number of young people who take turns on Sunday mornings in going to visit the residents of Fern Lodge where they chat, play games and get given chocolate. It’s when I hear the stories that the young people come back with of their time at Fern Lodge that I realise again the very special group that we have. It’s fair to say that some of them have not always found it easy to keep visiting but they have been committed and have been consistent which shows a lot about them.”

“I’ll end with another story from this term.
It was 8:15am on a cold snowy October day and already a group of around 13 young people were gathering, one making drinks, others rehearsing lines, some picking songs, some dancing and singing and then all praying for the morning ahead. This was how holiday club started each day for all involved in helping and leading over an hour before the children arrived. On one occasion Andy and myself just looked around at the group of young people as they lead groups, ran games, lead worship and welcomed the children and realised that there would have been no way we could have done this without them.
We truly have a group of missionaries who show the love of Jesus in words and actions”


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