Freedom from Fear

25 Mar

Warning – Stream of consciousness writing below with no editing

As I’m on my retreat day today I’ve been taking some time to read and journal and have been struck by a re-occuring themes. I am reading The Great Divorce with our gap year students and I am also reading Henri Nouwen’s Sabbatical Journey. Much I my thinking and writing are around these 2 words fear and freedom. It strikes me that we were made to be free, that is one of the remarkable things about Jesus’ mission on earth. To set us free, for us to be able to let go of all that drags us down, that grips us. The paradox to this however is fear, and this is something that I personally have a constant battle with. Fear of messing up, fear of getting it wrong, fear of not being good enough, fear of what others think, fear of letting people down, fear of letting God down. As I think I’m aware of how much I operate out of this sense of fear and I wonder how much it can often define me as a person. I know this isn’t exclusive to me, I think the Church are guilty of it and this should come as know surprise as we are a group of individuals drawn together despite and because of our floors and problems.
One of the facets of counseling and mentoring is identifying and recognising to problem. For me I recognise the problem and I think it is something that the Church needs to recognise. We are so often driven by the same sense of fear that I spoke about earlier, and very often churches respond to issues out of fear. The questions I am asking myself is how do we move from a position of operating out of fear to recognising that we are free, free to be who God intended us to be? This feels like the start of a new journey for me and my thinking.
Jesus set me free from fear, help me to realise that I am made to be free.


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