Creating Creativity

16 Apr

I never used to think of myself as a creative person but over the past few years people seem to have started to refer to me in this way. I guess more than anything I’m a dreamer, and I suppose that in many ways creativity and dreaming are soul mates.
This has lead me more and more to think about how do I nurture this in me and to think about the times and places of life when I have and feel most creative. Today I want to do some thinking about how to creatively engage people spiritually through the Christian festivals over the next year. The question is how do I create a space to do this within, create the environment to dream and pray and decipher the gentle whisperings amongst the competing noise? To do this I need time, no rushing, less distractions than normal and surroundings that inspire me.
It is about me giving myself permission to do these things and not worrying initially about productivity and coming up with ‘the big’ idea. I continue to realise that I can become imprisoned by this.
Over the past 3 years I have done more public speaking than ever before, life at time has been really hectic, and it is interesting how quickly creativity can become suppressed under the weight of preparing the next conveyer belt of youth talks, discussions and programmes.
Today I am giving myself permission to produce nothing if that is what happens.


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