Pastoral Letter

18 Apr

Below is a letter that I have just written for our latest church magazine and seems to encompass a lot of my easter reflections

Dear friends,

As I write it’s a few days after our Easter celebrations. As some of you will know I am a greater lover of quotes and sort of collect them in various stores in my mind and in note pads. Well this Easter my attention was turned by a former colleague to this one from Bishop Tom Wright and it has stuck with me.

“And of course among those who had their feet washed was Judas. That’s the vulnerability of love, it’s openness to betrayal. But with that openness and danger goes something you don’t get any other way … glory and love … joined forever in the Servant, son of man, the wounded, betrayed but victorious Jesus …” — Tom Wright

The danger of openness and of love, that really strikes me. If we are the Body of Christ, reflecting the character of Jesus then we should be open and welcoming, lovers of the poor and lost, the drop-outs, the people who are different from us, the people who make us uncomfortable, the people who may well hurt us in the long run. That’s not an easy calling, far from it, but Jesus never says it will be easy. Instead he leaves us with the daily decision to make, will you follow me? So today, this month, this year will we be vulnerable in the way we love, open to betrayal yes, but also open to the beauty that can come through this unconditional love.



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