A proper return

9 Oct

Blogging has taken a large back seat over the past months and i am still not sure if i have the motivation, energy or enthusiasm for it in the coming months. It has been a very hard few months, blogging at this time didn’t feel of much use although my journal has been an important companion.

While I’ve been away the major news has been that my mum passed away about a month ago now. Her battle with leukemia ended fairly suddenly over the course of a weekend. Words cannot express how it feels seeing a shadow of the person you once new lying in a hospital bed barely recognisable. The funeral was a lovely occasion however as we remebered and celebrated the fact of a new risen body and the hope of new heaven and earth.

The things around this seem a little insignificant in comparison but have none the less been important. My new role as volunteer coordinator with oasis is going well. We have a new team of 4 working with us who i am responsible for looking after as well as the other volunteers involved in our work. At church we have emplyed an associate youth worker to work with me as well as a new gap year student and things seems to moving along quite nicely.


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