Picking up the baton again

9 Aug

Yes, after a prolonged absence from blogging I’m back. In exactly what capacity and frequency I do not yet know but it like the time was right. I start work at the Parish Community Worker for St James’ Alderholt on 6th September and wanting to chart that transition and start to our scary and exciting new phase.

It somehow hasn’t felt right to blog over the past months with so much going on but my journal has been hammered hard as i have spent much more time writing this year than ever before. I have also been writing more poetry and rhymes which will probably start to feature on the blog.

Our house move has been traumatic and prolonged but as i type away I am awaiting a surveyor to knock on our door which will hopefully mark the continued process of buying and selling which we are hoping and praying will all go through before 6th September.

So without wanting to make my first post back too long and ungainly, I’m back and will do my best to keep things updated for people interested in our new challenges.


2 Responses to “Picking up the baton again”

  1. Laura Selman (was Hughes) August 10, 2010 at 3:31 pm #

    mate, great to have you blogging again. I love reading your thoughts and experiences – so often profound. It’ll be 10 years next month that we all started as Frontliners – what a journey!

    Glad you’re still taking risks 🙂


  2. weirdhippy August 11, 2010 at 6:53 am #

    Well hello, yes 10 years ago what a thought. I’ve just finished looking after this years team for Oasis.

    Congrats on the wedding

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