This Cross

17 Aug

I wrote this a few months back for a litter pick we were doing around our local community. We made a large wooden cross with chicken wire around it and posted the litter we found into the wire making a visual illustration of this poem.

This Cross

Does this world every feel all wrong?
Like everyday is just too long?
With people being all alone
Just a Jesus did when they rolled across the stone

Upon this cross you see our sin
Represented here by the things of a bin
The things that make us feel,
Sad, bad, beat up, like we just can’t keep up.
The things that destroy our happiness, our wholeness
Our uniqueness, our image of God-ness

And to that God offers a call,
A call to you and to me,
And what is that call,
The call simply to ‘Follow Me.’

And as Jesus hung with arms out wide
Just as it seemed like the last word was death
Then deep within Jesus there again was breath
So that death was defeated,
So it never need to be repeated.
That you and God can live in a new world together
And that the bond of love and friendship
Will mean that you are together forever, forever together.

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