Plethora of Ideas

27 Sep

It’s the start of my third week here and already I am aware of the amount of different areas that my work could delve into. Ideas are not the problem, instead it is more the deciphering of the good ones and balancing this with timing. The balance of not rushing with the want and desire to get on. That continued fight between activism and reflective listening. But when is too soon to action an idea? I need to give myself time to hear, realising that I will not understand the area or have it within me like most people for many years but with the benefit of coming in afresh and the energy and goodwill that this brings.

I will be starting a weekly Thought for the Week each Monday morning that I will email out, so if there is anyone who would like to receive a short reflection, poem, quote, thought or prayer drop me and email or leave me a comment with your email address and I’ll add you to the list. This is an initial way of stating to let people in the community to hear from me and what I’m thinking about and a non-threatening way for people to engage on a certain level. I will also be doing some more infrequent Podcast which I’ll post about when I get things up and running.


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