Thought for the Week (1)

11 Oct

I have just started doing a weekly emailed out Thought for the Week and thought I may as well throw it up here as well. So here is last weeks closely followed by todays

Becoming a Person of the Present


I am a reflective person by nature, looking back, analysing and evaluating. A friend of mine in our time at college used to pose the question ‘is it possible to reflect so much that we forget to learn anything new?’

On the flip side I enjoy dreaming, looking forwards to plan and scheme. This kind of creative daydreaming can give energy but also can leave me with the longing for the dream to be realised right now.

What I have come to realise is that so many people can live their lives in the past or in future. But for me, and I’m sure for others, we need to learn to live in the present a whole lot more. To live each moment of each day in the here and now. In Robin Williams’ wonderful 1989 film Dead Poet’s Society whilst playing the teacher John Keating, he tells his students that they must ‘suck out all the marrow of life.’ Another way I’ve heard this expressed is that we should be ‘fully present in each moment of life.’

This is applicable to our relationships with others as well. The song writer Andy Flannagan in his song ‘First Love’ writes about visiting his Grandma out of a sense of duty:

Gran I come to see you, weekly taking stock
Keeping one eye on your face, and one eye on the clock


The challenge for us all is to be fully present to each moment of our lives. More widely the challenge is to be fully present to others. This is to give your full attention to someone and to value the persons life as highly as their maker.

How will you do this within your interactions and relationships this week?


Please God help us to be a present people in all senses of the word. Fully present within our own lives, fully present to others and fully aware of the Spirit of God at work within and around.



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