Spiritual Disciplines

31 Oct

Over the past month I have made a concerted effort around my spiritual disciplines of prayer, bible reading and silence. It has come about from a long-standing and deep desire to be more consistent and less sporadic in my devotion towards these things. This came in conjunction with time spent with my spiritual director who has challenged me and helped me think through the discipline element to discipleship. My current discipline is to use the Northumbria Community Celtic Prayer book which is wonderful and in conjunction with this have been challenged to read a chapter of a gospel  alongside the normal daily reading as a way of reacquainting with me with the one I seek to follow. It has been good to read Mark and the be working my way through John. It is always inspiring the way new things stand out, new details come to the fore and the character of Jesus re-invigorates me. I also find old and new questions coming to mind and having to wrestle afresh with Jesus. I also feel less stressed and better able to get life in perspective. I know these to many are obvious things to say but it has been good for the obvious to become the reality.

It is said that it takes something in the region of 40 days to to form a new habit or routine so I will press on towards this.



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