17 Nov

Tonight me and a few others are getting together to go for a run. Some of the group (including me) are looking to enter the North Dorset marathon in May to raise money for some good causes in our local area. It will have been 6 years since my first and only foray into marathon running, this appears to be the premium time for me to forget the last time. I’ve just stopped to re-read the post I did about that time stating that the next time I would do it would be for a mid-life crisis in 20 years, seems to have hit early.

Alongside this (and both of these can be blamed on the brilliant Marathon Talk Podcast) I have embarked upon another challenge alongside it. That is to do 3 sets of 100 press ups. So starting with 3 sets of 1 press ups on day 1 followed by 3 sets of 2 on day 2 etc etc.

Today is 3×6. This should be ok but give it a few weeks and I’m gonna regret this.


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