Day 7

19 Dec

Waiting – a place to hope

‘I am the Lord’s servant,’ Mary answered. ‘May it be to me according to your word.’ Luke 1: 38 (TNIV)
Christmas takes on a special significance this year, as it is my last in the country for a couple of years. My husband, 2 children and I are flying to Peru with BMS World Mission for 2 years on 5 January. We will be involved with youth and children’s work at a church plant in Cusco.
The whole process began over a year ago, and for a while I was unsure of where God was leading us.
During Advent last year, I was involved with a youth service. We thought about how Mary must have felt when the angel visited, and decided that it was probably a mixture of excitement, nervousness, fear and joy. I remember saying at the time that we often feel like that when God is speaking to us and then being scared as I felt the same about the then possible move to Peru. I was blown away at the time by Mary’s reply, quoted above, showing such obedience and I wanted to be able to offer the same reply. I have often thought what Mary must have felt as her belly grew and she thought of the angel’s words. It seems to resonate with our own experiences. We heard from God and tried to faithfully respond, and we have spent a number of months waiting and seeing things develop. The baby analogy is one that has stuck with me, as I remember waiting impatiently for the arrival of Daniel and particularly Sophia, who was eight days late.
Recently, as I was running, I was struck by the lyrics of a U2 song, ‘Yahweh’; where Bono sings ‘There’s always pain before a child is born.’ In many ways, the waiting and preparation have been difficult – and even painful – at times, as we have had to leave family and friends. However, God has been showing us that he is in the waiting – in the middle of the expectancy.
And so I wait – for 5 January, for the beginning of a new chapter of life, to be involved with God’s big adventure in Peru.
An d so we wait – a pregnant pause – before he comes, our Immanuel, ‘God with us.’
In preparation for the move to Peru, I am slowly learning Spanish. ‘Waiting room’ in Spanish is ‘sala de espera’, which literally means ‘the room to hope.’ I pray that our waiting and expectancy is filled with hope throughout Advent and 2011.

Nb. Some of the above is lifted from our recent prayer letter, as I am in the middle of getting ready to move. If you want to read it in full, or follow our blog, please check out:


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