The Passing of 2010

31 Dec

So it’s the end of another year. This has been the year where this blog has been least used and most neglected and I would expect least read by others. The year did however end stronger and many thanks to all who contributed and followed along with the 12 days of Christmas series. The blog started back in 2004 in an office at Ascension Church in Custom House by my mate Meg Moore (then Edwards) who set it up for me. It has had times of being useful to me and i think others and at other times hasn’t contributed much. It’s funny as I just found out that the stats since being hosted on wordpress have just ticked over 30,000. Not much in the grand scheme of the pro’s and the dedicated amateurs but humbling to realise that people do pass this way even on the assumption that a large proportion could be spam. It is also surprising as I realise that there have been 866 posts during this time.

As the new year begins we are in many ways in a very different place from the end of 2009, that is both in location and head space. As i look forward I do so with mixed feelings, i’m encouraged by the beginnings of the work here in alderholt, I am excited an anticipating the start of my new role a day a week as the Messy Church leader of a congregation in Lilliput, Poole. It is a year in which Matthew will start school and we hope to plant a new church congregation as well as lots of other things. I am nervous about my ability to fulfil the roles, expectations and pressures placed upon me by others but mostly by myself. I am frustrated that we are still not in our house in Alderholt and am nervous of the continual delays but am hopeful of it not being too long now.

What role will this blog play in 2011? I hope it will do a better role in charting my movements and thinking. It will hopefully be more frequent and i hope more honest too. I took a break from blogging last year as i couldn’t be fully upfront and honest as there was too much going on with job movements so i took the decision to stop rather than post half heartedly. My journalling interesting last year was its most frequent ever so I will continue to consider what role these too separate disciplines these play within my life.

Happy 2011 and here’s to plotting goodness in many ways!


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