Instant Coffee

1 Jan

I wrote this early the other morning as i tucked into a cup of instant coffee and thought about what the initial idea of creating instant coffee was all about and what this says about society. I am an unashamed coffee snob by the way.

In a cup of instant we forget the distance
The journey from bean to cup.
An instant generation we’ve become
Where we’ve forgotten to wait
In our rush and our haste.

The problem with instant is that we forget that there’s more,
It may be palatable, convenient and quick but it lacks body and flavour,
It’s 2D not 3D.

So let us put on the 3D specs in appreciation again
Of the story that we’re a part of
Not a race to be sprinted through.

Appreciation is a journey of learning to decipher
The elements and nuances of flavour
And the commitment to memory to savour
The subtlety of life in it’s full bean, espresso,
Starbucks, Nero’s and Costa obsession and nature.

Now to find that blend of all that makes us human,
That mixture of laughter and love boiled together
With the hurt and the pain,
percolated through and filtered until the cup is full and unique.
Life is blended together and shared,
To add some flavour to an instant generation.


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