Sell all the churches? – Health Risk Warning!

19 Jan

ok so this post probably should come with health warnings for a number of people and reasons. I’ve been thinking and toying with this as a philosophical idea over a little while.

Would it be a good thing to wind up the Church of England, sell all the buildings, the property, the land and sack all the employees myself included and then change the world with this money? Seriously I might be going out on a limb here but just imagine that quantity of money, how many billions of pounds would be brought together. How much money would it take to provide clean drinking water, I don’t know the answer to that but would that be a legacy if we believe that the church wouldn’t cease to exist. Now lets not just pick on the C of E, how about the Baptists jumped on board and the Methodists, URC etc etc. What about if instead we had churches meeting in houses of people in every street instead of big, often beautiful and yet unwieldy buildings?

Humour me and say for instance this did occur and we managed to do the impossible, would this be a good thing? I often talk, preach about the churches role of being a blessing to others, there is that old quote about the church being the only institution that exists for its non-members (cynical smirk from me) well this is taking this message to the extreme and putting legs on it.

Could the church bless the world?


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