Thought for the Week

21 Jan


A friend of mine told me a story recently regarding this paining by Lippi. A visitor to a gallery came across this picture which in it’s original form is very large indeed. He craned his head and stood at many different angles to try and see the picture clearly but he just couldn’t, the hills always looked wrong. As he continued to look at the painting a member of the gallery staff came across and told him that the only way to view this paining properly is to get onto your knees and to look up at it as the artist had intended.

It’s a great metaphor for life isn’t it. We often see our current situations from one angle, at times it involves us having to purposely choose to change angle or for someone else to help us to view something differently to put it into perspective. For some of us this might come from a faith or religious background and for others something needs to come and provoke us to do this.

What would it mean for you to look at that situation or person from a different angle?

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