25 Jan

Today a few of us gathered before our coffee shop Forest Edge opened to say morning prayer from the Northumbria Community’s Celtic Daily Prayer. It is a first exploration into seeing if there is a place for a community of faith linked to/within the coffee shop community. This in itself posing more questions than answers but we have found a starting point.

Anyhow the meditation we used today has walked with me throughout the rest of the day, you can find it here. The word it left me with is legacy. It is something of which I have often spoken with numbers of people and probably most of all with gap year students. I have challenged them to consider what legacy they would leave behind at the end of the time with a particular project. It is something I have thought about as I have also moved on from different places and will do again in the future. Jesus’ legacy is challenging to me in ways I have not thought about before even though I have read this meditation on numerous occasions. Often a legacy is seen as something very physical but the legacy of Jesus to quote “trusted for all memory of Him the heart alone.” Is the most significant legacy the intangible, the hard to pin down, the hard to quantify and even to recognise the quality of. Should our legacy be so intertwined with that of the story of Jesus that we trust it to be used in the secret works of the Spirit?


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