Sucking the life out of you

4 Feb

There is a really good post today from Don Miller here. Its reflection upon the people we surround ourselves with is something that I have thought through before at a few key times in my life. Don refers to how some people around us are takers, they are there but they don’t make us feel good about ourselves or what we do, they make us feel guilty. For me they are the people who suck the life out of me leave me feeling weary and beat up. I can think of relationships that I’ve had that are like this and I still get that feeling if I’m honest when I think about them, there is a knot that still comes within my stomach and a feeling of pain in my soul. I don’t think its always possible or right to cut people out completely (although this may be necessary at times or for periods of times). This almost seems selfish but I think for me whilst that is a danger it can also be about self preservation.


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