Sail Away

18 Feb

It’s that time of year again that sees many youth work residentials taking place. I have led weekends away for the past 6 years in my previous role and have been a leader on many for a number of years before that. I have a sadness of not being with the group I have been with for those last number of years. Funnily enough I thought when arriving that it would be likely that I would not be doing a youth work residential this year at this time but I am. I am heading of the Isle of Wight with a group linked to the church here. I don’t have the same level of responsiblity as I a just helping out being around. I have been asked to share a little in some times and am going armed with a variety of stories but no real knowledge of the group, what I will say or what God is up to. It’s going to be quite different but is quite liberating in that sense. I feel quite tired before going which is never the best thing on these weekends but hey ho. They also tend to be caffeine fulled times so I hope the coffee is good.


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