Thought for the Week

4 Apr

Love Wins

“All it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing”  Edmund Burke

I was once leading some discussions and asked the question ‘Is the world getting better or worse?’

I wonder what your reaction to that questions is? What’s your gut feeling?

See some would say, of course it’s getting worse just look at the news. Others would say that this is too simplistic, it’s just due to a greater awareness of world events brought about by connectedness through the media.

What is undoubtable is that evil, however you understand it exists. Whether you see and experience it as individual acts, as systems of injustice or that sense of out of our hands events such as natural disasters.

Evil, bad stuff happens. It’s the way of the current world we inhabit at times. We however face daily choices about whether we will let evil triumph. Edmund Burke’s quote isn’t about the existence of evil, it’s about letting it come out on top.

How can you, I, we, live in ways which don’t allow evil to triumph?

This week how can you fight against evil? Perhaps the choice of ‘fairly traded’ products fighting against corrupt financial systems? The help or visit of the lonely neighbour! The choice to spend our money to benefit another! An word or action to people who are doing good but need that support to get up and keep going.

And remember at the end of the day love not evil triumphs!


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