Thought for the Week

11 Apr

Walking with God

A few days ago I decided to go for a walk with God. Now you’ll have to bear with me on this if this sounds like a strange idea. It’s something I don’t do nearly enough but I had a longing sense of just needing to take an hour to think through some stuff that had been weighing on my heart and soul.

So off I trotted into the forest. It was a gorgeous day, still with only a few dog walkers for sporadic company. I new that I had been carrying various things around within me that had that internal sense of not letting you rest or be peaceful even during times which should have been relaxing or fun.

As I walked I asked God to accompany me, I immediately had these feelings of anger and frustration rushing to the surface. I instantly began to replay conversations with people who I believe had wronged me, some recent, some going back years. It was at this point that I new I needed to forgive these people. Now that’s an easy thing to say isn’t it? The reality, for me at least is that it’s a process. So as I continued to walk I began the process, asking God’s blessing upon the lives of each of the people. The results have started to loosen that knot within me, the weight around my neck.

Forgiveness is an easy thing to talk about but in reality is a painful process of reliving, of wondering if actually there was a sense in which I was in the wrong.

I wonder if there are people reading this today who need that sense of release that begins to come when forgiveness is begun to be worked through. The journey, as in most things of use and substance is painful but the results can be life changing.


One Response to “Thought for the Week”

  1. Sam April 12, 2011 at 12:18 am #

    In my Pentecostal days we called this “praying through,” staying with God in prayer until the feelings of burden are moved.


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