Thought for the Week

16 May

Embracing Mystery

This morning I am thinking about mystery. At the weekend we took our son Matthew over to Brownsea Island on the ferry from Sandbanks. We re-named Brownsea Island as Treasure Island for the duration of the day.

Matthew armed with bucket, spade and homemade treasure map arrived at the beach in search of the mysterious treasure. Jo and myself secretly hid some coins marking the spot with an X. The delight in his eyes as he discovered his ‘treasure’ was fantastic.

This all took me back a number of years to a course I used to run with some friends of mine. Each week we would meet the course participants at a mini-bus and tell them the theme for the evening ‘hope’ ‘fear’ ‘love’ ‘faith’ ‘worship.’ We would drive them to a mystery venue, an airport, a ruin, a graveyard, the roof of a tall building and then simply ask what we could learn about our subject from that venue. It was our very own magical mystery tour!

Today I remember and believe that in some mysterious way that can’t be fully articulated, that God is at work in and through me and each person that I meet. From those who recognise and name that presence to those who deny any such thought.


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