Thought for the Week

23 May

Product vs Process

We live in a world that is obsessed with producing stuff. I have begun to wonder if our desire for producing comes at the expense of valuing the process. I know for me, there are days when I look back and wonder what I have achieved? What are the tangible results of my labour? Perhaps though to be so focussed on product and achievement is to miss the journey, the process.

Perhaps so many of us in our business lose sight of process in our want, or our need to ‘get the job done’ to show ‘results.’ I know for me that when I am focussed on product I live in the future staring longingly to when I have finished, I have achieved. What happens when I value the process is that I have to focus on the present, on relationships, living in the here and now.

In my time working with Churches and Charities I have remained surprised by the ‘work’ of Jesus. In what most would think of being his most active 3 years, his main focus was around the development of 12 people. Walking, talking and journeying with them. Now I except that there was probably others influenced and who would have been hanging around as well, but Jesus seemed happy with this 12 (and one of those didn’t turn out too well). His focus seemed to be process, yes he had a goal, a plan in mind but these 12 were of the utmost importance. I wonder how the places where I have worked and how I would have felt if the results and the influence had been mostly focussed around 12? I jotted down these words a few years ago in my journal

‘Busyness leads to product rather than process. Product isn’t about being present, it’s about getting the job done. If I wish to be present, not past or future I must be a person of process’


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