Thought for the week

3 Jun

I am who you made me

I was looking at one of the many notepads that I keep the other day. On one page I discovered a list of names that I wrote down a while back. A friend of mine had asked a group of us the question ‘who have been the people that have influenced you?’

I felt very fortunate to be able to list a whole host of names from a variety of places and all kinds of walks of life. I wonder if you were to do the same who you would put down? As I thought about each of those names I remembered how they had influenced me, developed my character (yes they are to blame in some part) and made me who I am today.

As I looked back upon some of those names I wonder how many of them know how important they have been to me? A while back I felt so thankful for one person who looked out for me, who chatted with me about Jesus, faith and life in general that I dropped him a note to say thanks (even though I hadn’t seen him for some years).

How about thinking today about those people who have influenced you and on the flip side who are the people that you are influencing in a positive way?

Perhaps there are some people you might like to thank or encourage!


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