Thought for the Week

6 Jun

The Tale of Disagreement

One day 4 friends met together in the local coffee shop as the often did. They each in turn shared news of their life. One of the men could barely contain himself and excitedly shared news of his £10m lottery win the previous evening.

His friends were excited and joked that the coffee’s would be ‘on him’ from then on. They quizzed him about how he would use his new found wealth. The mood of their time together took a turn however when the man expressed his intention to spend his money on his family and no one else.

An argument ensued about the selfishness of this. Then each in turn left one by one.

One of the men rushed off to tell a group of friends about his disbelief of the selfishness of this so called friend.

Another was so outraged that he stopped a journalist outside the coffee shop on his way to interview the lottery winner and told him all about the winners intentions. The journalist hurried off to write up this story.

The last friend was on his way home and was thinking about what had been said and was greatly troubled. He went back and found his wealthy friend and asked if he would be prepared to explain his reasons as he new him to be a good man who regularly supported charities and individuals.

His friend sat with him on the park bench and told him that indeed his money would be used for his family, his brothers and sisters orphaned by war, his family who sleep under a bridge and for his brothers and sisters working for the charity working with people suffering domestic violence.


I don’t want to say too much about this story and its meaning. The thing about a tale or parable is that it is open to interpretation, for people to engage with the characters and the bigger themes going on. There are no right answers or wrong interpretations but a few questions you might like to think about

What can we learn about disagreement from this?
Who is your family?
What are the characteristics of the society that you belong to?


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