13 Jun

Finding Refuge

A stories told of a group of academic biblical scholars who used to get together over a glass of wine each month to discuss, debate and even argue about various subjects.

One debate that they came back to time and time again was whether faith or actions were most important. They spent their time debating long into the night, offering bible verses to back up their point of view and the reviewing the text in the original Greek to see if it shed new light or proved them to be right.

Each month they met, a teenage girl with red puffy eyes used to sit on the table next to theirs, stare into her empty glass and then leave. The girl listened intently each time to these scholars and then left without so much as a glance or acknowledgement from them.

The scholars aren’t aware of this, they don’t know she exists. They aren’t aware that she no longer sits at the table next to theirs each time they come together.


Who was this girl?
Why the puffy red eyes?
Is it possible that whilst doing the important things of life we miss the person?


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