Thought for the Week

20 Jun

Don’t Fancy It?

I am fascinated by the person of Jesus. Not the sanitised, Jesus meek and mild, walking about in a white dress with a swedish complexion kind of Jesus but the real gritty revolutionary man. I think our predisposition and own ideas about this man often detract from the reality that we can often discover upon closer inspection.

For instance, one day I preparing to lead some thoughts with a small group of people early one morning. As was often the case I spent my journey to the meeting thinking about what I could say to inspire, encourage and challenge them. I was struggling so pulled out my bible and was re-reading the story of Jesus calming the storm before anyone else arrived. As I read I noticed a small phrase that I had never noticed before in all the times I had read the very familiar story to me. Talking about the disciples it said that they took Jesus ‘Just as he was.’ It got me thinking about the real Jesus and I penned the words below in my journal.

Did you sometimes not fancy it?
Think what’s the point?
Think it’s too hard?
Want to curl up in the corner?
Want to go 9 to 5?

Just as I am,
That’s sometimes how you’ll find me.

Why did you need taking along?
Because you needed friends
Or just some company?

This really sums up how I am and feel at times, could it be that I’m not the only one that even Jesus had those moments, I wonder!


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