Messy Church – Lilliput

6 Jul

Yesterday afternoon I was wearing my Messy Church leader hat in Lilliput, Poole. Despite feeling extremely rough after being ill all night we had good fun. There must have been about 50 of us and I came feeling tired but also so pleased with the small ways in which we are teaching/helping people to experience something of the Kingdom of God. 2 small incidences:

1) One of the families brought in a photo of a 5ft 5inch sunflower that they had grown in their back garden after we had given it to them to grow during one of our activities in March. It has been a family thing to cultivate it.

2) Last month we wrote prayers on helium balloons and then let them go as a sign of giving the prayers over to God. One mum came over to me yesterday and told me how her sons prayer for his grandad was answered and how he talks about the prayer balloons everyday to her.

News: I have just extended my contract here as well and will be taking on some additional time helping the church to develop their youth work.


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