The Harsh Critic

21 Jul

I wrote this parable last week

The Story of the Harsh Critic

I remember that day, the end of time. I was brought before God, ready for judgement. As I approached I remember that sinking feeling of again having to go through the wrongs of my life, the bad decisions, the strivings and that sense of never quite being good enough.

Perhaps it was my posture, or perhaps my eyes gave away the sadness but he must have noticed something. He stooped to ask me in a voice smooth as expensive chocolate, as gentle as the breeze on a summers day “how do you feel?”

I couldn’t hold it in, I replied almost aggressively “how do I feel?, how do I feel? I feel like for my whole life I have been judged, criticised, like I’ve thrown myself into everything and never quite made it, like with every extra hour spent ‘doing’ I have lost another part of my soul. I feel fed up with people expecting, judging and talking about me.”

As his gaze locked onto mine, it burnt beyond me eyes, beyond my flesh and into the deep places where all these emotions had been locked away. Again he spoke with gentleness and I feel as though there was almost a tear in his eye. “I want to show you something, the person who you feel has been the cause of such grief and such struggle. I will show you them, you already know them but the one thing I ask is that you must promise to forgive them and work towards a more harmonious relationship. Do you think you can do that?”

“Yes” I replied, “I must I can’t go on like this.”

He reached forward and drew back a small curtain, and there he was standing before me, my accuser, my harshest critic, before me stood

A mirror


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